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New Vs. Remanufactured Centrifuges: What’s the Difference?

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Posted by: Richard Schildwachter on August 28, 2019 at 2:04 PM

Remanufactured centrifuges have numerous distinct advantages over a refurbished or new one. For starters, a remanufactured centrifuge is less expensive than new and better than used. When you hear about used, refurbished, or reconditioned centrifuges, those are different from remanufactured. And the difference is in the details.

Today, we're covering the difference between used, new, and remanufactured centrifuges. Remanufacturing is a process where every component of a machine is taken apart and inspected. If any component fails to meet our standard, which is equivalent to the OEM standard, that component is replaced or repaired.

Differences Between New and Remanufactured Centrifuges

The functionality, quality, and warranty of a remanufactured centrifugal separator are equal to that of an OEM machine. And the biggest differentiators are price, process, delivery time, and service.


Investing in a remanufactured centrifuge requires less capital than a new OEM centrifuge. For your budget, and your effort, choosing remanufactured just makes sense. Remanufactured centrifuges operate like new but cost about 30% less.


Remanufacturing begins with the disassembly of the centrifuge. During disassembly, all parts are cleaned, repaired, and/or replaced. Then, they are reassembled into a remanufactured centrifuge which functions in excellent working condition.

Remanufacturing makes it easier for facilities to upgrade their current equipment without disrupting their current infrastructure or replacing their existing baseplate.

Delivery Time

Another differentiator between new and remanufactured centrifuges is the wait time between when the machine is requested and when it arrives at your facility. When we have the machine in stock, wait time on a remanufactured centrifuge is typically 6-10 weeks. By comparison, you’ll usually wait 30 weeks to one year for a new OEM machine.

We maintain an extensive inventory of centrifugal separators that are ready for remanufacturing. Regardless of your industry, it's likely that we already have the right machine for your process and facility in-stock. Alternatively, we have had great results sourcing specific machines for our customers

Service Contracts

Unlike OEM manufacturers, we do not lock our customers into service contracts. We do ask that our customers indicate their interest in having their machines serviced and maintained by our technicians, but it's a non-binding agreement. We do this so we can plan accordingly and know when we need to expand our team of service technicians.

We offer non-binding service agreements because we want our customers to have access to the highest quality of service, whether or not it's with us. 

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service. We take service calls 24/7, we respond quickly to questions or requests, and we schedule plant visits according to what works for the customer. 

Remanufactured and Refurbished Centrifuges are Not the Same

While you've likely heard of refurbished or reconditioned centrifuges, they don't get as thoroughly repaired and rebuilt the way remanufactured centrifuges do; they are not inspected as fully, don't have as many parts replaced and thorough repairs to both the bowl and the frame don't take place.

For starters, remanufactured centrifuges have the following advantages:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Increased supply options
  • Expanded capacity for parts

When you invest in a remanufactured centrifuge, you're obtaining a piece of equipment with the ability and functionality of a new machine, and you're saving your facility time, money, and resources. Want to see a comparison chart between used, new, and remanufactured? Download our free eBook on remanufactured centrifuges.

Download The Remanufactured Centrifuge eBook