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Video: What's Included in a Service with Separators?

Posted by: Quenton Lind on April 17, 2019 at 9:33 AM

Are you familiar with what's included in our services at Separators? It's a question we receive quite often out in the field from our customers. From preventative maintenance to emergency services, and everything in-between, our team offers comprehensive service packages. Below is a video illustrating some of these services more in-depth:

Preventative Maintenance Services

The preventative maintenance services offered at Separators include both major and minor services. These two distinct focuses look at providing optimal efficiency for your centrifuge. Centrifuge maintenance checks are critical to ensuring your daily operations stay intact. 

Major Services

Major services involve going through the bowl and frame, as well as conducting an overall inspection.


When our team goes into the bowl, we replace gaskets and seals. Additionally, Separators Inc. will inspect parts and components of the bowl for wear, cracks, or abnormalities — and make the changes needed to keep your centrifuge running safely.


Next, our team will analyze the frame for two different types of machines: gear drive and belt drive. The gear drive will be inspected and replaced if need be, depending on the severity of its wear-and-tear. Change belts, however, are changed every time a major preventative maintenance service happens. Additionally, Separators Inc.'s technicians will change inlet and outlet o-rings and seals — again, depending on the severity.


Finally, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure everything is working in cohesion. Performing an inspection is a vital part of the preventative maintenance process. 

Minor Services

Similarly to the major services mentioned above, the minor services will look at the bowl, as well as the inlet and outlet o-rings and seals. However, minor services will not include doing the frame.

These areas of preventative maintenance are crucial to avoiding catastrophic events — and nobody wants to deal with that. But in the case of a disaster, you'll want some assistance.

Emergency Service

Emergency services are when something goes awry at a plant or factory. Hopefully, you'll never be in this situation. But if you ever are, it's good to know that the services provided by Separators Inc. are world-class. When one of our customers has an issue, our team will respond — and our response time is unmatched. It could be early the next day or even the same day, even if that means our dedicated technicians take a plane and land near your facility at midnight. Our team commits to our customers — always.

Field Services

What's been covered above are just some of the field services offered by our company. Outside of our preventative maintenance services and emergency service, we also offer:

  • Installation and Start-Up Support
  • Direct Drive Conversions
  • Automation Support
  • Operator Training
  • And more

Separators field services are held to a high standard. And with our service technicians located throughout the country, we can respond quickly 24/7 and spend more time adding value to your plant or factory. That way you focus on what's important — your business.

Shop Services

Our facility located in Indianapolis, IN contains all of the mechanical, machining, welding, balancing, bead blasting, and painting capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. And often, we even expedite emergency repairs. We offer:

  • Timely Estimates
  • Minor and Major Repairs
  • Inspection Services
  • Feasibility Spin Tests
  • Bowl Balancing
  • Complete Remanufacturing
  • Direct Drive Conversions
  • Voith Fluid Clutch Rebuilds
  • Custom Control Packages

Separators also offers our customers a rental bowl to use while their repairs are being completed. Our skilled centrifuge technicians will even remove your existing bowl and install the rental in a single service visit  — minimizing lost production time. 

At Separators, we are proud of the exceptional service we provide to our customers. From field to in-shop, our employees have the skill and knowledge to assist you in your service with Separators.

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