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How We
Replaced a Centrifuge in
Just 45 Days


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A centrifuge failure will never be ideal — but what happens after complete equipment failure doesn’t have to be catastrophic.

See how one plant was able to resume operations in just 45 days after total equipment failure with the installation of a like-new centrifuge.

Extending the life of a failing centrifuge

Our work with this particular beverage manufacturer — let’s call them Centeron — began a few years before their centrifuge’s catastrophic failure.

From the very beginning of our partnership, Centeron was working to limp their centrifuge along safely while they planned for a future replacement. Our technicians worked with the plant on minor and major service, as well as a few additional visits to help keep the centrifuge functional — always knowing that it would need to be replaced within the near future.

Receiving word of a catastrophic event

It was a Sunday afternoon when the plant’s worst-case scenario occurred. Word of the centrifuge’s failure reached Separators when Centeron sent a video of the equipment vibrating and spinning dangerously out of control. It was clear that the centrifuge was not only putting the plant and its operators at risk but that it had reached the end of its life.

Within 15 minutes of receiving the video, a Separators team member was on the phone with the plant to discuss options and how to move the plan forward.

After confirming that everyone on the plant floor was evacuated, and the machine had been powered down safely, the Separators team jumped into action to find a way to minimize downtime by finding a replacement centrifuge ASAP.

Remanufactured CMRPX618HGV installed at dairy plant

Creating a centrifuge replacement plan in less than 24 hours

By the following morning, the Separators team had identified a CMRPX 618 HGV cold milk separator for remanufacturing that could be prepared to the plant's specs.

Because our team had been servicing Centeron’s centrifuge for several years, we already knew the machine’s configuration requirements. And Centeron quickly got our team any additional information we needed, allowing us to create a solid, executable plan in place less than a day after the original centrifuge's failure.



Committing to a 45-day turnaround

With this quick planning in place, we could commit to a 45-day turnaround — which was just enough time for us to prepare the machine while Centeron prepared their plant for the updated equipment. 

In the meantime, the plant was able to arrange a short-term contingency plan with a local dairy plant, which allowed them to purchase skim to keep up with production goals.

Separators remanufactured centrifuge CMRPX618HGV

Preparing a centrifuge in weeks — not months

Of course, when preparing Centeron’s remanufactured centrifuge, there were several key drivers to ensure that the equipment would meet their needs, including:

  • Capacity
  • Desired flow rate
  • Space requirements and restrictions
  • Plant operator’s comfortability operating a centrifuge
  • Equipment availability
  • Supply and demand for operating water, raw product feed rate, and CIP


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Separators centrifuge replacement timeline



Keeping the plant team updated

Throughout the process, we worked with the plant via virtual meetings and frequent calls to ensure the work being completed met both Separators’ and the plant team’s expectations. 

To ensure the centrifuge would work when it arrived, we supported the customer with technical drawings and data sheets before the startup. With these resources, they could work ahead and complete steps ahead of time to keep the replacement moving forward.

training 3-min-rec

Replacing a centrifuge doesn’t have to be painful

Centeron could have worked with an OEM to secure their new centrifuge. But the turnaround time would have increased significantly; the OEM would have needed to send a technician to assess the plant, and then the centrifuge would have needed to be built and then shipped from overseas.

Because Separators (and our like-new, remanufactured equipment) is located in Indianapolis, we got Centeron what they needed fast and without the added stress of long timelines, hefty price tags, and multiple points of contact. As an added bonus, they’ll continue to be able to receive fast and intuitive support because we continue to have a deep understanding of their plant and equipment.

Having serviced the centrifuge in the past, we got the plant what they needed quickly, seamlessly, and without taking up any unnecessary time to understand what was needed.

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